21 April 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Video Coding for Raspberry Pi – Pt.1

I’ve been looking at the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi (RPi) recently, in anticipation of boards becoming available in coming weeks (may be a month or two before I get mine, as my friend wisely avoided the early morning bun-fight on the RPi purchase sites!)

Have been experimenting with building encode presets using Sorenson Squeeze 8. No particular reason for using Squeeze, other than that being the most recent addition to my encoding tool portfolio!

When it comes to video encoding, the choice of codec is a no-brainer, as the board supports and is licensed for hardware-assisted H.264 decode at both SD and HD resolutions.

Choice of audio codec is a little trickier, as there is no hardware decode assist enabled for any audio codecs on the RPi board, even though.


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